I’m always working to develop new and captivating pieces of art! With every passing day the process intensifies, as does my thinking and reasoning about how art affects each of us collectively as well as individuals. There’s always something good going on here, but even when faced with situations that are not ideal for a peaceful existence, I continue to turn out artwork strongly expressive of my mood, as well as the essence of my subjects.

Available for purchase at Butteroni’s Emporium
516 E 15th Street, Charlotte, NC

Abstract Apparitions

I have them framed and ready to go! I upcycled the frames with a light sanding, then painted in multiple, thin layers of metallic silver, matte and gloss blacks. The mixed media drawings are mounted to acid-free poster board, and then mounted to foam core, textured and gessoed. They are framed behind glass and have wires secured to to the back, so they are ready to hang. Will be displayed for sale at Butteroni’s Emporium.


Working on the mixed media Abstract Apparitions for Butteroni’s Emporium in Area 15 of Charlotte. I’m upcycling some frames from the Habitat for Humanity store and creating the background boards for mounting the entities.


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