Self-Portrait, Alloy Wire     2007, Unfinished

AS AN ARTIST, I’m always working to develop new and captivating art! With every passing day the process intensifies, as does my thinking and reasoning about how art affects each of us collectively as well as individuals. There’s always something good going on here, but even when faced with situations that are not ideal for a peaceful existence, I continue to turn out artwork strongly expressive of my mood, as well as the essence of my subjects.





          Gestures by M. Whitfield, 2017           Mint Museum Figure Drawing

AS AN ART MODEL, my gestures and poses are reflective of my life experiences, both past and present. I think all of us try to portray ourselves in a way that “we believe” is most appealing to others, but regardless of that, others usually see us as who we “really are”. I see that magnified in myself when I step onto the platform for other artists to interpret in their works of art.





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